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Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s

Mez, The bus stop used to be by the side of Church Kirk used to leave at 12 minutes past the hour....I really can't remember that bus stop opposite the Thorn.

Can anyone else remember bus timetables and routes...the 46 to Blackburn(Stopping) used to run on the hour from Accy then every 12 minutes...the No 9 (Express) was every 10 minutes at peak times, but used to cost an extra penny (to Church) anyway.....and then there was always that Blackburn Corporation bus that used to park up by Church Clock and used to leave at 5 past 8.

Can anyone remember the Ribble buses that used to go through Church at quarter past and quarter to the hour (started at Ossy and went to Harwood and Clitheroe)..........

Buses & Bus Timetables is a good subject. Much better than boring footy.
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