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Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s

Originally Posted by mez
ee doug my ex husband used to drive the old buses in the sixties, they used to come from church kirk to henry st, cross over to george st (passed our house) then down the tanpits rd, onto countess st & into accy, i know there was a hue & cry when they went onto O,MO, BUSES wot a laugh i can have now. memories.
Hey MEZ I didn't know you use to live in George Street!!!! I had a feeling your face was familiar, I'm trying to get the brain cells to remember, and look back to that era. Do you remember the Gudgeons??

Tealeaf - I can remember the bus stop at the Thorn as the buses use to go past the Thorn and turn round at the side of the Church. Bet you don't remember the Trams at Chuch Commercial though. The No. 46 was the Blackburn (stopping) bus and the No. 9 the Express, and we use to have to move out of teh road every hour for the Church Kirk bus....It use to play havoc with our football!!
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