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How Will The Government Tackle This?

Whilst visiting with a neighbour today, several people came round to have a game of chess with her son (who's 40) and the conversation got around to how the Government is trying to stop the long term sick claiming certain benefits. As most of the visitors & her son are alchohol dependent I found it infuriating that they claim they can't be forced into any type of work. I asked them why this was so and how they could be so sure they wouldn't have their benefits stopped/reduced. Their response was unbelievable. All of them said when required to see the doctor at their 3 yearly check up to see if they are fit to return to work, they would claim they could do any job as long as they had a drink. According to them, Health & Safety regulations would be breached and that's how they get to stay on benefits. Apparently benefits cannot be reduced and if the Government does try to stop their benefits they have the right of appeal. Most of these people haven't worked since leaving school 25 + years ago, nor do they have any intention of doing so. I'm absolutely livid. How can these scroungers and shirkers get away with it?
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