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Re: How Will The Government Tackle This?

The problem is though that sometimes the govenment wants to take people of the list and usually end up targeting those least able to work. A friend of mine is in a wheel chair and they had him down as being able to do any kind of work despite his chair. When he asked how he was to get around at work or even get there they reckoned it was not there problem. Where they get these ideas from beats me because despite very good bus services he has to either get a taxi or if on a bus have a chaparone thus in his eyes taking away his independance.

As it stands there is a points system for these people and the interviews are done by an independently appointed "lacky" who has to get as many of the benifit as possible. Ok there is a right of appeal but once that dreaded letter arrives they stop all the incapacity payments and you have to apply for others ie job seekers income based or if over 60 and yes they do take people of the benefit at that age, pension credits. So some poor sod can be without any money for weeks.

There are those that play the system and always will and will sit back and enjoy the fruits of the working populations efforts. Now I know that there is a points system for the jobcentre staff witch low and behold targets for normal unemployed people. This system gives one point if someone is signs of and gets a job within 6 months but 10 points for over 6 months. The result being little or no help if unemployed less than 6 months but shed loads if out of work more than 6 months. Sadley though there will be some that after 6 months will find other ways to keep benifits coming in ie incapacity.

Right a guy has 3 kids and a wife who does not work and lives in a council house works as a labourer for a local building firm but looses his job. He signs on and gets cash for himself his wife and the kids and as rent and most of his council tax and water is paid he is close the same level of income as when working with the little benefits he claims. After 6 months of getting no were job wise he plays the system for incapacity and gets more money and is better of than being employed. The wife who was not working finds a nice cash in hand job for extra cash. The outcome is that some that are using/abusing the welfare system are better off than someone putting in an honest days graft.

To the point about alcoholism to me that is self inflicted so why the hell should I as a tax payer have to whatch them getting legless on cheap booze payed for by my taxes?

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