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Re: How Will The Government Tackle This?

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Maybe one idea would be to insist anyone claiming to be an Alchoholic/Drug User be sent to a prison type environment where they are supplied with 2 basic meals per day and a limited amount of their particular poison. In exchange for this they would have to do household chores in said environment. If they want to have money for their personal use, they would have to earn it by doing extra household chores. If they really want to kick the habit, help could be provided in-house.Also they shouldn't be given the freedom to come and go as they please. This would probably give the abusers' families a bit of breathing space as well.
Now how many of these shirkers do you think would actually use this type of facility?
This is not a new idea, it was done years ago and was called The Workhouse.
It was of course abused and people including children were often treated no better than animals
Maybe the system could be reformed in amore humanitarian manner?
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