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Re: How Will The Government Tackle This?

Originally Posted by mothernature View Post
I'm not a doctor but if anorexia or mild angina are not causing too many problems why get full benefits. Anorexia is life threatening only when the sufferer loses so much weight they have to be forced to eat. It generally doesn't stop them doing normal everday tasks. Angina can be a major health problem, so can measles, mumps or any other disease/illness. It's the person who it is affecting that suffers the various complications that could arise, so a qualified specialist is the one who should judge how good/bad things really are.
The persons used for assesments are not specialists. even general practitioners but someone who likes to meet targets. Anorexia can lead to other medical problems that prevent that person being of any use that and the energy levels are less than that of a tesco value zinc carbon battery.

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