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Re: Taxi drivers - credentials.

Originally Posted by Neil View Post
It is a difficult one. How do you know the tradesmen you use do a good job to the required standards?

I don't think part P has done anything to make sure electricians are any better than they were. All it has done is push their prices up to pay for all the exams and courses to pass them. I doubt any of them will be doing anything different now than they were.

The most stupid thing IEE did was to change the damn wiring colours. What sort of a tosspot decides to swap a phase and neutral colour around. We had the best and easiest 3 phase colour code in europe, if not the world and now they have harmonised then with Europe. Harmonised my backside, Europe is still a mess of different colour codes. We should have stuck 2 fingers up at Europe in the 70's and stuck with red, yellow, blue and black neutral for 3 phase and red, black for single phase. Every phase was instantly identifiable.

Ok rant over....for now
Rant away I agree with you.

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