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Re: How Will The Government Tackle This?

Originally Posted by BERNADETTE View Post
Why do they need seven bedrooms? Whatever happened to kids sharing rooms????

The law says a seperate bedroom is required for:

• A Couple
• Someone who is 16 or over
• Two children of same same sex under 16
• Two children of either sex under 10
• A child under 16

Looking at the Local Housing Allowance Rates (used to be Housing Benefit Allowance) I don't see how anyone without kids could afford to rent in the private sector if unemployed. A couple/single person is only allowed 50 allowance. Judging by the average rents charged, you would have to pay 35 out of your Jobseekers Allowance. Maybe I have worked it out wrong, I'm not sure. Does anyone have any experience of this?

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