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Yep one of those threads again! November the 5th seems to come round earlier and earlier every year, the kids (teens) round here were thinking it was hilarious to mess with fireworks, first they threw one into the house accross the roads garden, when they got no reaction, they blew the letter box off when when a couple of lads came out then thought it was funny they actually posted a lit firework through the letter box i saw it blow up in the hall of the house . this house recently became vacant and now druggies frequent there so nobody was bothered as its not actually anyones home but a council house, i cant go and say anything coz mine is a private house and i want to keep my car and windows, and wouldnt want a firework display inside!

Shops shouldnt sell firework they should be kept for displays.
You know that and I know that, but the powers that be don't seem to get it
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