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How to retrieve the url address

How to retrieve the url address, for the image you want to use.

50 by 50 pix

· Right click on the image thumbnail and select properties. A box should appear with some info in it. See example below.
· Highlight the url address then right click and Copy
· Go into your "My Profile" and click Edit your avatar. Then to the Enter Avatar URL:
· Delete the http//www that is in the box then Paste and finally save changes
· Job done.

Profile Picture:
100 by 100 pix

Same as above apart from;
Go into your "My Profile" click Edit your profile Picture. Then to the Enter Profile Picture URL:

Save an image:
What ever size

· First left click on the thumbnail, it should appear in another window full size.
· Right click on the full size image and select Save Picture As….
· Choose a folder in your, "my documents" then save.
· Job done.

Do not right click the thumbnail image, otherwise you will only save a thumbnail size image..


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