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Re: Mullers Gone To Bantams

Sparkie - I completely agree with you.

It would appear that this has been done to save some money. Rightly or wrongly it would appear that those higher up have concluded that in all liklihood Stanley will remain a League club this season.

As money is obviously very tight, and with Mullin presumably being one of the top earners at the club, they have decided to save on his wages for a few months.

Although 3 players have been brought in, the keeper was brought in on a non contract basis (presumably meaning he is here as an amateur, in which case he will likely be due expenses only). Of late I have read a few articles about how good the clubs relationship is with Burnley - I strongly suspect that Burnley will continue to pay the wages of Kay whilst he is here as they are just glad that the boy is getting experience at a decent level (as opposed to reserve football), and as you suggested, the club will likely only be paying a percentage of the wages to Shrewsbury for Symes.

All in all I think its a cost cutting exercise for a few months. With the poor form of Grimsby and Chester, and the reasonable gap between Stanley and both those clubs, I simply dont think that they both have it in them to overtake Stanley - infact I still think Stanley will win at least 2 more games anyway making it pretty much academic what the rest do.

It is that reason, and the savings that will be made, that contributed to Mullin's exit for a while.

Granted all of the above is pure speculation on my part, but it would appear the obvious explanantion as to why he is away on loan. Incidentally I am no way downplaying the importance of such a player to the club, both currently and historically, simply trying to offer a realistic explanantion to his departure.
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