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Re: Obesity and diet pills

Thing is ..
Just telling someone with an obesity issue to 'Just dont eat it!' is unrealistic isn't it? and dismissive
If it was that easy, thats exactly what they would do.
Its a bit like telling an alcoholic to 'Just stop tipping it in yer mouth'
Doesnt work.

The intended use of the 'diet pills' is to teach you to stop eating fatty foods by creating a bowel havoc when you do...eek! Not nice. or to teach you to make smaller portions.
They aren't intended for long term use.
If someone loses a few pounds Im certain they will be motivated to carry that on, feel more self confident about doing exercise etc...

As for buying them over the counter I do think we forget that every adult has personal responsibility and needs to be accountable for their decisions be it a personal purchase or a px they make an appointment to see a professional persona about then ask for and choose to collect
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