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Re: Fitting an outside tap.....

I have looked into it & the reason you cannot legally use the bib taps (the ones with the valves in) is because they get subjected to freezing weather & are not reliable then, so regs require a separate check valve inside the property.

The little things we learn eh, now if only they made the water regs freely available then lots of us that DIY would be able to do it to the appropriate regs.

Ditto for BS7671 & electrics.

When attaching a quick fitting that screw down into your pipe, it is not a good idea to put it on a main supply pipe to other things like upstairs showers etc.
What your doing is pitting an 8mm diameter shaft into the 15mm pipe, so that can also restrict flow to other stuff depending how far it goes in. put it into an offshoot from the main pipe, I.E. the one to the kitchen tap etc.
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