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Re: Hi Everyone - can I pick your brains?

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the replies so far. Very encouraging. To answer some of the questions:-

Yes it would be paid for by advertising (hopefully!) That way it would remain free to the community. It will be coupled with a local community website as well so that could also carry affiliate ads to raise revenue as well. I'd like to see the split between ads and news at about 50/50. The more ads we get, the more news and views etc we can include.

Yes I think there was a mag produced. I think it was called the BB5 Guide. Never actually saw a copy myself and I hope I'm not offending anyone here but I believe it wasn't that good.

What I really would like to know is what would you all like to see in such a magazine? Obviously we could have a section on local facilities eg council contact numbers, health centres etc. All suggestions welcome and thanks again for the encouraging comments.

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