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Re: Parking on Blackburn road

Originally Posted by accyman View Post
its plenty to do with the police when they let folk drive by yakking on their mobile phones, park at traffic lights , block roads because they couldnt care less about the big yellow box which means dont enter unless your exit is clear , lights not working ( epecially on taxis ) blah blah blah etc etc basicly teh entire highway code gets ignored down there

a clampdown by both the council and police working together would be ideal

sort out the worst area and make an example of them then get to work on other problem areas
Of course, most of these you mentioned are criminal motoring offences Accyman, not parking, in which the police would be involved. You see all these types everywhere you go .. not just Blackburn road, and they do get stopped if spotted on other areas of the road network. You can enter a yellow box if turning right by the way ... a rule lots of people do not follow. (sorry, just an aside which annoys me)

You would be the first to grumble if the police were spending time ticketing motorists for non criminal offences as Mick's photos, and not attending to other duties. The LCC own all our roads in Hyndburn, so their responsibility to lay out parking restrictions and to 'police' it themselves for people overstepping the mark.
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