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Re: Parking on Blackburn road

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i have said before on here that i saw a traffic cop sat right behind a car with the driver yakking on his mobile and did naff all even though the police officer continued driving for a while behind teh talkative driver infront of him he merely turned off and let the guy go and it wasnt a one off as i used to spend quite a lot of time in that area and have seen plenty of things slide that beggars belief right infront of police officers

you can gurentee teh second i make a phoncall with my mobile while driving witha copper behind me the recording equptment will be on logging my offence and then the flashing lights saying pull over would come on and i would get my fine and points
You could always try it to prove a point .... You did get away with making hand gestures though at a police car didn't you. Mind you, not sure if that a criminal offence or not. LOL

I have seen lots of instances like this too all over the U.K. of other people getting away with these offences with police car trailing, so can't really comment whether more rife in the Blackburn Road area or not.

Was only interested in the parking really, which is what this thread is about.
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