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Life in Church

I moved to church a couple of years back having no real knowledge of the place beforehand ( There are some things the estate agents dont tell you).The first clue all was not well was when we were moving in, a gang of hoodies congregated quite near to the van, when one of them suggested they move on, one hoodie said `hang on I want to see what gear these guys have got` totally unconcerned that I had heard him.In just over two years we have had broken window, eggs at regular intervals, every panel on car has been keyed and several also dented ,screwdriver in tyre,car ariel snapped, back gate kicked in,stuff stolen from yard.I once made the mistake of cleaning my car in the street and that night it had chips and gravy smeared all over it .I have been told this was once a nice community ( albeit many years ago )but all I can say is I cant wait to leave.
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