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Strewth it wasnt like that when i lived there, must dishearten you somewhat. Hmmm, chips and gravy, with scratchings yeh! not available in this part of the world, gravy is quite rare even on your Sunday roast, and if you say i cant eat that without they rush off and i have never worked out what it is in the jug, most odd. A local farmer in my area was so sick of a certain family stoning his windows, thieving and worrying his stock and always getting away with it he pulled up outside their house with a spray manure machine and gave them approx 2 tonne of manure with the consistancy of porridge. The upstairs and the lounge windows where open and the boys came out from the back armed with knives after the initial shock, as he legged it with them chasing he opened it up full belt and bowled them over. He grabbed one on the floor by the neck and told him anymore bother and he would shoot him and his brothers, and what he was going to do to their mum i cant really print here. The family have never stopped being a nightmare for the rest of town but dont visit the farm anymore. The eldest son was so clever he spread petrol around a flat he had broken into and then struck a match, i am amazed he is still alive but sections of his arms and leg muscles have gone, i think people hoped they would leave but after a council cleanup they came back. The farmer went to court and the old judge through it out as a waste of public money, lucky man. Its no different in rural Devon if someone starts a vendetta against you, here is farming stock and you are likely to get shot if you really pee someone off, somehow you need to break the cycle, moving should really be a last resort, dont let them win. May the flea's of a thousand camels infest their armpits.
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