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Originally Posted by spex357 View Post
Cheese is classed as a basic commodity and is listed at 2500 per tonne for July 2009. My local supermarkets run offers Buy one get one free or 50% off luckily at different times, so one week cheese is 50% off @ 2.10 per 400g and perhaps Coffee is 50% free. Is the 50% off the real price and the weeks its not available a huge profit making exercise?
Have you worked out what 2.10 for 400g works out at at the same price for 1 tonne?

2.10 / 400 gives you the price per gram = 0.00525 per gram

0.00525 X 1000 gives price per Kg = 5.25 per Kg

5.25 X 1000 gives price per tonne = 5250 per tonne

unless my maths are wrong that is
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