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distroict 9 = garbage , literally the movie is filmed in mostly garbage and the whole plot is weaker than tea made from a 5 day old tea bag

it was like a very very weak coss between enemy mine and starship troopers but with a lot less thought put into the plot

if you must see this movie wait and rent it on dvd so you can have another film ready on standby and not ruin an evening by having to walk out of the cinema before you die of bordom

there was a cool scene near the end but it was again a very poor rip off of somthing else and to be honest the robot in teh old citroen adverts had more thought put into it.

i love si-fi but this film is just another case of some clown writing a movie that expects people to sit through teh best part of an hour of tediousness for a 5 min bit of action at the end which sucked arse by the way !
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