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Sorry I never replied to this but I didn’t see it. You must have posted this before I pmed you.
Your sig had been left blank for a short while because the new image I inserted had the accyweb watermark stamped across the bottom, on the right hand side and it had spoilt it. That was because... I first uploaded your new image into the gallery. Having realized the watermark error I then had to upload it as an attachment into one of the accyweb forums. It took me longer than I anticipated but I managed it in the end.
If I’d have known it was going to take me as long as it did then I would have simply pmed you and asked you to sort it.

I don’t know what size of screens people are using these days but as a rule, we would prefer it if everyone would keep their inserted image width sizes to about 650 pixels or below. Yours at the time was over 900 pixels in width.

Anyways, its been sorted and thanks for replying to my pm.

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