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Re: Voting for Christian in Politics

Originally Posted by Alex Ross View Post
Being called a fascist for quoting scripture seems a bit over the top don't you think?
Please don't consider yourself a Martyr to the cause, you are just another one that we knew wouldn't/couldn't take a hint, I hope you won't take this terribly personal but, go away, stop posting, you should have realised that you aren't wanted.

accyweb has been invaded by your types for far too long, please let us go back to just being a site for ex pat's, their relatives, and people that want to talk to each other, rather than what it seems to have become, folk like you that, because this is a busy it site should have a captive audience for your beliefs, If you want to spout religion etc, start your own site, if nobody comes to it, don't invade our site.
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