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Re: Voting for Christian in Politics

Just another little tip.

For your first post it might have been wise to post a cheery hello in the relevant introduction thread, rather than go in all guns blazing, prattling on about tents in Accrington, and God rebuilding Rio etc.

If you'd read the post correctly, no one called you a fascist, but said you were as 'bad as the fascists'. We had one posting this weekend, who was making as much sense as your initial post did.

As I said in the linked thread I gave, I will never vote for Mr. Logan, not only because he is as far removed from the gentle, kind Jesus I know, but because he uses religion as a cover to spread his own vile prejudices.

He is a self publicist, who really hasn't that much to publicise, and politics seems just another platform for him to share his rather nasty views.
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