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Re: Unwanted credit

same as you,never paid a penny interest wi em, last year though they reduced mine. aint bothered, but thought it insulting. another annoyance is wherever i go, assistants are always asking me- Would ya like a storecard sir, just doin there jobs i hear some say, well there job entails insulting customers without meaning too. i a few years ago said yes at a retailers i used to use pretty regular, so the assistant filled in all the bumf, after a few mins said sorry sir yer application has been refused. was embaressed cos was quite a few in queue, the reason i was refused was cos i have NO credit rating, meaning cos i have never owed money (Mortgage exepted) i cannot have a store card, what don't dawn on these numpties is fact i shopped wi em fer 20/30 yrs or so, now aint been near fer approx 5 years, wonder how many others have sais stuff ya as well?
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