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Re: remember the fallen

Originally Posted by claret39 View Post ACCRINGTON PALS 1914-1918 today 11-11-09
Nice one Claret, just one small point, the Accrington Pals was formed on September 14th 1914, and ceased to exist on July 5th 1916.
After that fateful day July 1st 1916 when the Pals attacked Serre. On July 5th when the roll was called back in the trenches, only 50 men answered, a shell dropped and 1 was wounded, leaving 49 to march back to H.Q.
After the Battalion was brought back up to strength it was no longer the PALS, just the 11th Service Battalion East Lancashire Regiment.

By the July 1919 over 4000 men served in the 11th.

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