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Re: Carol Singing ....

Originally Posted by MargaretR View Post
Carol singers are only one shade paler than Jehovah's witnesses -both are 'pushing religion'
I don't think anything to do with Christmas today could be classified as "religious". One nice thing about the Canadian climate is that it discourages door-to-door carolling ....

As an aside, a couple of young JWs came by last year while I was shovelling out after a blizzard .... one of them, a nice young guy, grabbed the spare snow shovel and helped me out ... they left a copy of the "Watch Tower", and took off up the street. Nice kids. And who knows, they may be right in their beliefs. I know that you are often castigated for some of your views and beliefs ... I don't go along with most of them; but I do accord you the courtesy of allowing that you just may be right. If I don't get around to it later, have a Merry Christmas, hon.
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