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Re: Piano Lessons and Satchels

Right on the bottom block of Avenue parade was an old lady, I think she was called Mrs Sergeant. She was a brilliant piano teacher, very kind good with children and taught me in the mid 70's. Sadly she was run over by a car in about 1977/8 ish, literally right outside her front door. her house was near the junction of Ave Pde and Abbey St/Whalley Rd. She was killed in that accident and I was really upset. My mum had taken me for my lesson and the police were all outside the house and had closed the road to traffic. I was about 9 at the time.
My dad arranged for us to go to Mrs Bridge further up the road and she was totally horrible. Unsuitable to teach children she used to slam your hands down on the piano keys to break your fingernails if they were too long. She would probably be in prison now for child abuse, but she was an old lady at the time and has probably passed away by now. I didn't go there for very long, she put me off ever attempting to learn another musical instrument.
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