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Re: Church's Historic Waterfront

Originally Posted by Acrylic-bob
With reference to the photo of Dr Harbinson's old surgery, I was in the area the other day and took photo's of that and the house that backs onto Rastricks, because they are both now empty and with the demolition planned for that area I thought that it would be a good idea to record them before the bulldozers got there. Tealeaf posted it in error.

Correct me if I am wrong but the former Antley Pub is on the same side of the road and is now a Muslim Girls School. I wonder if that will be coming down too? It would be nice if there was a plan of the areas to be demolished in that part of town.
And a nice photo it is too. I wasn't complaining in any shape or form, and good luck to you A-Bob, I don't know what they'll pull down next. Oak Tree? or turn it into a Mosque?

Has the world gone crazy? There won't be any heritage left in a couple of years, no wonder I don't want to come back to live in Accy, Church or Ossy...I wouldn't recognise them soon, and may get lost!!

As somebody else has said. Wouldn't it be better to sell existing houses to young couples at a cheap price and throw in a modernisation grant. At least the area would still look like Church and retain something of historical value.!
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