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Re: Church's Historic Waterfront that some of you have replied to the questions, I'll give you a couple of further clues. So far, Doug has been partially right on the height of the entrance & K.S.H. is going in the right direction for the building corner. However, everyone seems obsessed by the towpath.
What towpath? There are no towpaths on that side of the canal, and I doubt if the horse would have gone for a paddle while towing the barge. The towpath is on the opposite side of the canal, and we can see from Acyril's picture where serious wearing was done on the bridge structure by the tow rope on a full 90% left hand turn in the canal.
Talking about geometric angles...thats the clue to the second question, while the clue to the first is three-dimensional.

While you're having a think about it, who remembers the Banana Chimney just round the bend from the warehouse?
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