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Re: Does anyone remember in ossy

Just found this Ossy forum :

Tripe - can't stand the stuff! My dad used to eat it braised in milk with onions.

Co-op - Used to run errands for mum, never forgot her divi number 1711.
Couple of times I drove the co-op van when the regular driver was on holiday.
Last time I gave it a bit of a scrape on the garage door and didn't tell anyone.
Got a right bollocking for that !

Dr. Farquhar - a stand-up bloke. He came up to 4 Lane Ends (near Guide) in his pony and
trap to attend me in the winter of 46/47 when I was just a couple of
months old.
I had bronchial pneumonia when I was about 8 (parents smoked & air
pollution). It was touch and go but when I woke up and asked for some
grapes there were none to be had in Ossy. Hearing this the Doc came
back in half an hour with the biggest bunch you ever saw.

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