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Re: Market Hall Refurbishment

Originally Posted by mick View Post
I just wish they had found the original floor sooner then the people that tried to lay the paving stones round town would know how to do it property instead of all the loose stones there are now.
The floor looks good and is sound and nothing loose.
I was talking to one of the stall holders he used to stand on the old outside market when i was on.
he said they are waiting for the rent rise and loosing a lot of trade
the music is far to loud and tends to echo round making it hard hearing anything

Lol, we say that every week.

So much for improvements.

The Victorians knew how to lay flags, and didn't have to risk life and limb, avoiding the appalling pavements Accrington has today.

The town has some of the worst pavements and walkways in the country.
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