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Re: Market Hall Refurbishment

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Hi, just been in Market Hall this morning. Been told by more than one stallholder that, from Oct 1st they HAVE to open six days a week! HAVE TO! They DONT WANT TO! Who can tell them WHEN they can or cant open their own stalls up?

Just came on to post the same thing, and was told today, by five surviving long term traders, that if it is forced through, it won't cover their costs, so they'll just pack up and leave.

Apparently the person pushing for six day opening is the owner of the upstairs cafe, who happens to be the son of the Leader of the Council, one Peter Britcliffe.

If he wanted a cafe that opened six/seven days a week, perhaps he should have taken one of the many empty shops in the town centre. I'm sure he wouldn't have had any problem with planning permission.

By the way, do take time to enjoy the musicans that are now sited where there was once stalls. According to the Market Hall traders they are being funded by the public purse, via our taxes. So make sure you get your money's worth.

Perhaps we'll get them to play at the wake, when the last traditional Market Hall trader has left the building.
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