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Earlier in the thread Gayle said that she had received some emails regarding the video. One she quoted reads as follows:-

"We were all very impressed with this.
Do you know who ‘owns’ it and whether it would be OK for us to show it in the public area at the police station?" Sgt at Accrington Police Station

I have to ask, since no one else appears to have noticed this, wtf are the Police doing watching video's on the the internet and playing them in the public area of the police station. Do they reallly have so little with which to occupy themselves? And if they find this video so impressive what does that tell you about their taste and discernment? I note that the request comes not from an ordinary plod but from a sergeant if you please. If you ask me, somebody needs to take a closer look at the accounts of Lancashire Constabulary, to see what other of life's little luxuries they are indulging in at public expense.

More fois gras Chief Constable?

Oh Lord, I suppose so. But is that really all there is?
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