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Re: Anyone from Fern Gore?

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Yes , Jaysay , we had fun as kids up there .

One year we had had a very heavy fall of snow . The snowploughs had made a way through Willows Lane . We could stand on top of the snow and look through the upstairs' windows of the Fern Gore bus .

The school bus from Fern Gore to Woodnook and St Anne' s schools was often unable to run because of the snow . There was no question of going back home . We walked to school , and we were frightened of being late . It was a lot different from today .
When I was at HF I was very keen on Cross Country Running, one morning, when it had snowed very hard, a couple of us set of on our normal training run, which was up through the fields to Green Haworth across to the Shoulder, down Fielding Lane to the Plough (no Beni they were shut) then on high street back to school, we got halfway up the field and were confronted by 14 foot snow drift, about turn back to school
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