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I hope he​ falls flat on his face at Stockport ! Money grabber !! What happened to a footballer​s dreams of wanting to get to the highest they could go? But no , drop a league for a few extra pounds! No loyalty to the fans , the club and especially​ John and Jimmy! He was a nothing before and a nothing now! Good riddance!!

Hes really annoyed me since we gave him his break and would rather go down a league for money !! Tbh , Stockport must be delerious ! In my honest opinion he really isn't that good of a player! He got goals last season but most of time he looked like he could be assed and cost us MASSIVELY in the playoffs!!
That makes you sound very bitter. You must remember that, To you Accrington Stanley is a passion for life. To a player, it's a job and usually for just one year.

He may argue that the club could have shown loyalty to him mid season by offering to extend his contract. The same of course can be said of most players. Loyalty is a two way street, and when you are sure of only getting wages for the next 12 months, surely it's natural to take the best offer.

It may turn out to be a good move for him if County bounce straight back. It may turn into a poor move, but he's clearly not on his own in "jumping ship".
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