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Am I wrong to presume that getting a permanent marker into the home dressing room on the last game of the season is that difficult, it would have been obvious (even in May) that not EVERY member of the entire squad would not re-sign for the coming season so why not get the shirts signed directly after the last match (having them dirty and smelly confirms they are genuine too !!)

They shouldn't have to be watched like schoolchildren knicking stuff from an unlocked stationery cupboard in the classroom.

The players know the shirts that have been sponsored, and even though they may be the lowest players in the league some of the sponsors are not as well paid and probably pay whay they struggle to afford to help the club. A bit more respect to people who do this woudn't go amiss.

I was told ( and don't know how correct it is ) that Danielle got the players to sign a form to say they would refund the money if the players didn't return the shirts. Shame she wasn't still there at the end of the season to sort them out
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