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Re: Uploading Pictures To The Gallery For Use On Site

Originally Posted by Gremlin View Post
I have only ever been able to post a full size picture on this forum, I am not sure how to post the thumbnail thingy.
The way I do it is to upload my photos to the free site Photobucket, when I want to post a picture on a forum I find the picture I want on Photobucket and click and copy the image code under the photo. Then click and paste it where ever you want to place it in text you are posting.
I have hundreds of photos saved in Photobucket and use the above method on three other forums I use, mainly transport or engineering forums.

There are other similar sites to Photobucket which will do the same thing and are free, you are able to make different albums for each type of photos.
We don't really like this method and you might find your picture removed if you link it like that.
Site Forum Rules/ Site Disclaimer can be seen from this link
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