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Re: Primrose Mill, Church

Fasinating Picture, as always. Atarah. The question is "Whats the event" and "Why are they having this celebration at work".There's a few trimmings in the backgound, there is some writting on the far back wall, but, most interestingly, the workers are posing around what appears to be three photograph/picture frames. Possibly, they are something else.

As usual, my eyesight is'nt good enough to fully make out the inscription behind, but the letters to the left appear to say "SUPP?????" and to the right appear to be "WAR"; which suggests "Support the War". Now, the clothing styles look a bit early for the Great War; and in any case, there was no celebrations over the period until Armistace day.

However, there were a number of celebrations during the Boer War, 1899-1902, such as occured at the Relief of Maefking and Ladysmith and there was certainly a substancial local contribution to this war. The most important contribution, however had been the invention of a durable, synthetic Khaki dye IN CHURCH!. So I'm just wondering if we're looking at Primrose Mill's Khaki-producing Lancashire Looms & it's operatives celebrating with good cause, news from South Africa.

Any other theories, anyone?

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