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Re: Primrose Mill, Church

As ever, a lovely photograph Atarah. I must admit that there will be none of my relatives on the piccy. I didn't come to Church until I was 18 months old, and my family (on mi mothers side) came from Burnley, and then they didn't get to Burnley until after the turn of the centuary (1900). My grandma was born in 1872 at Westbury on Severn, and her parents came from the Head of the Valleys (S. Wales). My granddad came from Chorley, but was born in Cark-in-Cartmel.

My dad came from Burnley but his family originally came from Wishaw near I'm afraid I'm not really a Church family lad. Although my step-father came from Ossy, but even he was born in Renton, Dunbartonshire.

So I must be an immigrant!! But in defence..I integrated and was absorbed!!

Weaving Sheds.......that's when life was hard...and the hours long!!
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