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Re: Primrose Mill, Church

Less, you could be right, especially as the "Bride with the Brush" has some sort of collar wrapped around the back of her neck. However, there are just two points which I find puzzling.Firstly, why the caption, "Primrose Mill Church"? If it was a picture taken for the "Bride", then I would have thought the details would have been more specific, e.g. "day before the wedding", or the caption omitted completely.

The second point is that in this period pictures were taken on glass by professional photographers; the Kodak brownie had yet to be invented. While I've seen lots of amateur pictures taken by people fooling around at work, this is the work of a professional, and I'm not aware of any pictures taken by professionals inside mills or factories that where the subject matter is a social wedding group or similar. Yes, lots of piccys of people at work; or maybe sat down celebrating something formal such as"Empire Day", or even socially, sat outside the factory.

Or maybe we've got the image of the rich, greedy, nineteenth-century millowners all wrong; that they were in fact, a fun loving lot who would find any excuse for stopping the looms, having a party and bringing in the Church papparazzi to record the fact.

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