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Re: Primrose Mill, Church

It looks to me as if there may be some 'bunting' of some description behind the people in the photograph. If not, what is all that stuff draped from the pipework and the stuff partially obscuring the notice on the back wall, which we think may read 'support the war?'

Also, what is the thing in the middle which the two most central characters are stood behind? Could it be some sort of makeshift alter? There are a lot of decorative items (or so they seem) on it. Is the central person on the right, as we look at the picture, a reverend? He seems to be wearing a dog collar. Could this possibly be some kind of religious service, conducted in the mill, because the church was out of commission for some reason? Maybe undergoing repairs? Or, could it be some kind of "blessing' for the mill which may have been just about to open after being fitted out with the machinery?
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