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Re: Where have all the graves gone?

Originally Posted by wallop79 View Post
Again another who just doesn't get it, how many more times does it have to be said, HE IS DOING THIS FOR HIMSELF & BILL TURNER, what he does with HIS information is HIS business alone, not for the likes of yourself, mikejoey or anyone else to decided, as for the grandkids binning stuff, he's not 2 yet so it'll be me & my sister looking for the policies
sorry it my post came across wrong and flippant , no one has no more respect for 'Retlaw' than myself , he's helped me out in the past with other historical stuff , was just commenting that at times he "seems' to be a bit of a 'curmudgeon' (sp?) really helpful to individual requests , but anything that has to go into the 'public domain' is verboten ,
Once again sorry if I have upset anyone , no offence was intended , just don't get the hostility (bad karma) , the local media refers/quotes to him as a "local Historian '
best regards
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