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Re: home made cow heal pie

Originally Posted by mobertol View Post
Didn't realise it actually existed -thought it was just something Desperate Dan used to eat...!
Lovely article in a magazine I get about using all the bits of animals that usually get thrown away. Accy, of course, is famous for the tripe stalls on the market. I saw it on Rick Stein's Food Hero's so it must be true -'fraid they wouldn't do much trade if they had to rely on me!

Just been down to get mag., had to share the following recipe:
First singe off any hairs - then wash thoroughly in warm water -BEWARE pig's suffer from ear-wax (eugh!)
Simmer for 2 and a half hours before pressing for a further 2 hours.
Coat in mustard, molten butter and breadcrumbs and roast in the oven until brown and crispy. (About 20 mins)
Apparently they taste somewhere between bacon and pork and have both a silky and crisp texture.
Anyone fancy trying them ....I had an omelette for lunch -much easier to make!

as delicious as that sounds i think i'll pass....
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