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Re: Memorial at Oak Hill Park 13.11.11

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I suspect you may well be getting a few more enquiries from these production companies, Walter. With the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WW1 now less than 3 years away, documentary makers will already be in the pre-production stages of the programmes they intend to make - so they'll be doing their background research now.

Until quite recently, both BBC and ITV would have made these programmes in-house. Now, however, they are outsourced to various private companies of which Mayavision is but one. Like any other business, they are there to make a profit so as such you may well wish to consider insisting on a small donation (to such as the RBL) in return for your not inconsiderable assistance in their enterprise.
I've been contacted twice this year by BBC, one group was based in Manchester, and the other lot sent a researcher up from London for a week, looking into the aspect of the women, and the effects on them leading up to, and during WW1.
They have all been informed that the William Turner collection of WW1 photographs is copyrighted, as is mine.


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