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Re: Memorial at Oak Hill Park 13.11.11

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It would appear that the IWM is now undertaking an exercise involving individual photographs of WW1 combatants. It terms of numbers, it does not appear as extensive as your collection but it looks like they're going in depth.

This was announced on the local London news last week:

Imperial War Museum commemorates Armistice Day by releasing photos of WWI dead on Flickr | Culture24
The trouble is that a lot of these organisations have started to late. During the past 20 years several War Memorials, Rolls of Honour, have disappeared from Church's, Pubs & Clubs which have closed down or been demolished. Hundreds of WW1 personal momento's, photographs, cards & letters have been destroyed when the older generation have died, and relatives have been to indiferent, and binned the lot.
Luckily Bill & I managed to save a lot.
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