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Question Disabled newbie looking for help and advice

Hello, my name is David - recently moved with my wife to Huncoat from Oldham. I am looking for somewhere (a shed or part of a garage) within about 100 metres of Honeysuckle Court where the owners would let me keep my mobility scooter. The scooter is only small but I have nowhere to park it safely and securely. I would pay a reasonable weekly rent for access 7 days a week. I would never use it before 9.00 am or after 7.00 pm (except maybe on long summer nights). Has anyone got any suggestions?
Also - when we lived in Oldham we sometimes used ring and ride services to get about. Is there anything similar locally we could use - for aged and disabled non-drivers. We have looked around but cannot find anything.

Fingers crossed!!

David B

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