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Re: Church's Magnificent FA Cup run....

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Just spotted this article and my husband informs me that their home was on land that was used to build the mill factory which came to be known as Bury’s – not to be confused with Fountain Bury’s, Exchange Street – and more recently Rists Wires & Cables.

He says:- The site was originally a sports ground until about the 1890s when the ground was first built on.

It was the home of Church Cricket Club and Church Football Club. The Cricket Club moved to West End and the Football Club folded. There were also bowling green’s, two of which were retained, one by the Pickup’s Arms and one by Springhill Workingmen’s Club.

Church FC was formed in 1874 but never played in any league – they only played friendlies and Cup games.

They competed in the F.A.Cup between 1882 and 1888, playing 18 times; one game was away to Glasgow Rangers, which they lost 2-1.

Another FA Cup game, on 3rd January 1885, resulted in them beating Southport on this site by 10-0, arguably their greatest achievement.

This info was supplied by my husband, who, many years ago, read about it in a book in Accrington Reference Library on Local Sports History.

We have never found anyone to corroborate the truth of these facts so perhaps this needs looking into.
That's very interesting and glad this thread was raised will look at Tealeafs original web site posting
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