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Re: coach house, ascot way (broad oak fold)

Our deeds for the Coach House show that Mrs Hardisty lived originally at 88 Arden Terrace, Plantation Street, then later on Ascot Way in one of the "new" houses. She inherited the Coach House when her husband Frank - a Hardware merchant - passed away. The building was sold to Thomas Mulhall in 1971. The deeds are fascinating but I could probably do with enlisting the help of a local historian to make full sense of them. There are references to the Hargreaves family (John, passed away ???1895/6) and the Grimshaws, as well as old maps of the land and links to the Owl Hall Estate. We STILL havent been able to date the actual building though.
One day, when we have finished renovating, my plan is to try and make sense of all of it ..... in the meantime, these snippets of information are wonderful and I am printing them off to store with our records, so please keep them coming!
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