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the life of me
  1. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Limbo 2

    Re: Limbo 2

    Hope you feel better soon. I think margaret is right, anti-climax after xmas, having to return to work, getting on top of the bills again after all the spending....... it's enough to send anyone into depression.
    Posted 10-01-2006 at 14:26 by slinky slinky is offline
  2. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Alien abduction.

    Re: Alien abduction.

    OMG!! I used to suffer with the same problem. The bed takes on a world of its own and starts spinning around the bedroom.
    I have actuually took time out to solve this. I usually leave my t.v on standby, and I found that if I just stare at the little red light, my bed stops dancing round the room, and, I can finally fall asleep with no spinning, and no sick!!!! good eh??
    Posted 09-01-2006 at 00:07 by slinky slinky is offline
  3. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Cat........astrophe 2

    Re: Cat........astrophe 2

    OMG I wish I hadn't read this blog now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor kitty.
    Posted 05-12-2005 at 22:51 by slinky slinky is offline
  4. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    The time has come...

    Re: The time has come...

    I had a real tree for three years running. Yes they look very good at the beginning, and smell lovely first thing in a morning when you first get up BUT.......BUT........after a few days when the central heating has dried them out, they droop, look brown and miserable and smell bad. Then when you take them out after the new year, you are still finding pine needles under crevices in last year i went to B&Q and bought a artificial one, that looks lovely, shapes to anyway you like, and will stay in that position all christmas. And goes away in a box at the end of it with no effort at all really.
    Posted 29-11-2005 at 22:58 by slinky slinky is offline
  5. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Bits and bobs...

    Re: Bits and bobs...

    I know what you mean about having chapped hands. I suffer from the same thing with having to wash my hands permanently at work. All the backs get cracked, and the finger joints ouch!!!!!
    I suppose the only good thing about my job in winter is, it's always warm in nursing homes hehehe!!! beats a factory any day in winter. Only my skin always suffers in winter, with walking in the cold to get to work, then roasting while i'm working, my skin doesn't know if it's coming or going and i usually end up with spots.
    Posted 25-11-2005 at 10:26 by slinky slinky is offline
  6. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Nosey beggar....

    Re: Nosey beggar....

    that brings back some memories for em too!! must be a kid thing.
    Posted 15-11-2005 at 21:26 by slinky slinky is offline
  7. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar


    Re: Yawn...........

    awww poor love!!!!! hope he is better soon. There are a lot of sick and diarrhea bugs going around and the moment.
    Posted 25-10-2005 at 11:58 by slinky slinky is offline
  8. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Rest in Peace, my Jettie

    Re: Rest in Peace, my Jettie

    That was lovely, and had me in tears. Do you know how silly I look crying at a computer??......I only usually do that when it wont work!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your loss.................
    Posted 22-10-2005 at 10:50 by slinky slinky is offline
  9. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar


    Re: Conned.....

    Lmao very crafty.................... they learn young these days. When I was younger, my aunt used to look after us while my mum worked in the evening.
    I used to cry like mad that my mum was going to work, and my mum used to feel really guilty about leaving me. I would sit at my mums ankles sobbing "please mummy don't leave me". 2 seconds after my mum had left, my auntie would have me down the shop buying sweets. I loved staying with my aunt, she was goof fun and always took me to the shop, but I still cry for hours before my mum went to work, just to be hard work lol.
    Posted 20-10-2005 at 11:41 by slinky slinky is offline
  10. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Days off.

    Re: Days off.

    Oh good luck with the shift swap.......It's bloody hard work at times, like you said, no-one wants to swap a weekend off for a weekend in.

    Bribery usually helps when there is no other option
    Posted 18-10-2005 at 13:55 by slinky slinky is offline
  11. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Don't's boring!!!

    Re: Don't's boring!!!

    Owww romps, I get excited over stupid things too!!!!! I hate this getting older brings out the stupidity of us. I have a friend who has no children and a fancy foot loose life........she must think I'm a div.......but I wouldn't change a thing!!
    Posted 17-10-2005 at 21:28 by slinky slinky is offline
  12. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Part 5, conquered but never forgotten

    Re: Part 5, conquered but never forgotten

    Well done HR.................thats all I can say!!!! well done.
    Posted 11-10-2005 at 23:07 by slinky slinky is offline
  13. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    SO CROSS................puke!

    Re: SO CROSS................puke!

    I go with margaret on this one, I would go hell for leather....................people die from these things.
    My mum is allergic to eggs, and all her throat swells up if she comes into contact with one.

    I'd would have been spitting feathers.........grrrrr
    Posted 10-10-2005 at 07:47 by slinky slinky is offline
  14. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Part 4, pain, anger then conquer

    Re: Part 4, pain, anger then conquer

    Well done RED!!!! yet another good blog. You always me leave me on the edge of my seat, and definitely wanting more.
    Posted 10-10-2005 at 07:35 by slinky slinky is offline
  15. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar


    Re: Tiles!

    hehehehe poor baby......... ummmm maybe tinks will get some smart price things this year!!!! you know with her getting on a bit hehehe.
    Posted 06-10-2005 at 14:19 by slinky slinky is offline
  16. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    confusion, contemplation and conquer....

    Re: confusion, contemplation and conquer....

    Awww red................. must have been a hard blogg to write, but I await what happened next!!!!!!!
    Posted 06-10-2005 at 14:12 by slinky slinky is offline
  17. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Jab day..again

    Re: Jab day..again

    I always had to get my mum to take mine to the doctors for jabs. If i had gone, I dont know who would have cried more, me or my baby!!!!

    Have a nice nite on friday Romps you deserve it.
    Posted 05-10-2005 at 11:45 by slinky slinky is offline
  18. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Not My Season

    Re: Not My Season

    I too love winter..........curled up next to ginger, on a cold night, with the fire roaring and a nice warm drink. Watching the snow falling outside, and everything is crisp and white outside. The t.v is good too in winter!!
    Posted 27-09-2005 at 14:20 by slinky slinky is offline
  19. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Done it at last!

    Re: Done it at last!

    awwwww Romps, it's hard leaving them for the first time!!!!...................good luck with going back to work!!.

    Good luck with the decorating too, I hate the mess it makes, but it is worth it in the end.
    Posted 27-09-2005 at 13:58 by slinky slinky is offline
  20. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    What a fab evening!

    Re: What a fab evening!

    Lmao Romps, me and tinks are good at ann summers, we actually worked for them for a short while.
    IT WOULD be bloody funny though!!
    Posted 26-09-2005 at 12:28 by slinky slinky is offline

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