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Anything I want it to be
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Pity the poor Judiciary

Posted 28-11-2004 at 10:48 by Acrylic-bob

I had to laugh, well you do don't you. Listening to the news yesterday my curiosity was piqued by a report that Their Lordships, the country's Judges, had gotten themselves into a bit of a mucksweat and were threatening to resign en masse. It seems that the government is planning to put a cap on pensions and tax the excess.

A tad unfair you might think, after all, a chap needs to provide for the needs of old age and all that. Until you realise that the cap will be placed on pensions of over one and a half million pounds.

Not content with having built up considerable fortunes from a life in private practice all of which is safely invested and returning a healthy income thank you and the salary of a judge which ranges from a hundred and fifty thousand to two hundred thousand a year and allowances from attending the House of Lords and a civil service pension on top of that. The poor dears feel that a bit of extra taxation is a burden not to be bourne. How unfair.

It will be remembered, of course, that it is Their Lordships, who frequently hand down sentences of such bizarre leniency that it outrages every right thinking person in the country, that it is they who regularly have to declare a mis-trial because they have fallen asleep at the bench. It will also be remembered that an appalling number of people have have found themselves imprisoned because one of Their Lordship's number have misdirected a jury or disallowed vital evidence.

There are times when words fail and you can feel the will to live begin to drain away.

While rooting around to find out how much we were paying Their Lordships I came across the surpising fact that General Practicioners are paid, on average, 1,186 per week. Compare that with the average weekly wage of a supermarket checkout worker, who earns a paltry 200 per week. And then look at the job adverts in the paper. You know the ones, offering "competitive rates of remuneration", "rewarding salaries", etc. etc. None of which are in excess of 6.00 per hour.

It's enough to make you a communist!
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